Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Well... it's official. Chico and I are leaving Argentina on March 14th. That only gives us a week! We told our friends a few days ago and they treated us to a very nice dinner at the BudaBar in Puerto Madero. Food was excellent, service was excellent (big difference from TGIF who took 35 minutes to make our drinks last weekend!), and company even better.
On our way home (via Chile) we were at a crosswalk and noticed a police car headed our direction with the lights flashing and yet the headlights were out. This is actually another common occurrence here in BsAs. No one uses headlights at night. But the car was passing us and the passenger in the squad car, another policeman, was sound asleep. Mouth gaping open in what appeared to be a loud snore. They must have just enjoyed an asado.


Michael said...

What must you come back to do???
Will we get a chance to visit? The blog has been fun, but I'd like to hear the whole grand adventure!

miss tango in her eyes said...

Good luck with your return home!

Anonymous said...

We can't wait to see you! And, hopefully, your friends from Argentina will visit all of us here in Chicago!
Safe trip!

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